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Top Blockchain Companies Boosting The Real Estate Industry

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Real estate is actually the largest sector in the world. The experts and Commercial enterprises are identifying the impacts of blockchain technology in the real estate industry. The Blockchain Technology help in optimization of commercial or retail properties, making the real estate investment easy by streamlining the payments, increasing the access to real estate funds and creating more investment opportunities.

The Blockchain for real estate is making the process easier for buying and selling property, booking rental houses. In fact, the interactive technology is already gaining popularity amongst buyers, sellers and investors by transforming their ways of interaction. There are so many reasons why Blockchain technology is dignified to level up the real estate industry? The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) increases the overall trust of people through better transparency. It helps in enhancing trust on a real estate website, an agent and a listing.

But firstly, you should know what is a blockchain? It’s a technology that helps in acceleration of contract processes, reduce costs and saves time. The daily real estate transaction rate is so immense, that makes a common database of purchase and property leasing more important. The whole procedure can get improved with the Blockchain Technology as it can simply update the traditional (MLS) Multiple Listing Service database for creating a transparent ledger system by increasing the transparency between buyers and sellers about the property. Currently, there are lots of real estate companies that are implementing the Blockchain in their daily operations and transforming the ways of property buying and selling. 

What are the Use-cases of Blockchain in Real Estate?

The real estate industry constitutes a substantial portion of the world’s transaction activity and economic asset. According to the report of MSCI, Investment in the properly managed real estate market have increased from $7.4 trillion to $8.5 trillion. There are lots of Real estate companies that are already using interactive blockchain solutions in their dealings. 

Currently, the real estate market consist of many independent networks with opacity and transactional friction amongst existing systems. The Practical Solution is being presented by Ethereum blockchain for realizing the below mention blockchain real estate use cases;

  • Enhance the overall competence level by underlying real estate industry operations
  • Process automation results in reduction of cost
  • Provide easy access to all the global asset distribution
  • Increased investments due to Property ownership fractionalization
  • Digitization of real estate using blockchain technology
  • Easy Data accessibility and transparency to notify better investment decisions with amazing portfolio management

The Ethereum Blockchain Technology benefits the real estate industry through digital securitization, also known as digitalization. Digital assets are meant to represent the real-world assets i-e real estate funds, real estate properties, governance rights, revenue streams and much more. After the digitalization of the assets, you can now divide it into more granular pieces that made it more accessible to wider pool of investors meant to raise capital. Once all properties get digitalized, the Blockchain Technology enables the secured digital transactions and procedures around these assets that include trading, insurance and life cycle management.  

Before investing in the real estate market, commercial buyers prefer to gather enough information about the property and the place where they are going to invest.  However, the document processing, liability management,  processing of securities and accounting will predictably change with Blockchain.

How Companies Are Implementing Blockchain in Real Estate?

Blockchain-based real estate system is getting more and more popular with the passage of time as people are shifting towards these procedures. Buyers and sellers are shifting towards safe and secure payment procedures and more liquid property dealing. Considering the fact that daily real estate transactions are getting more immense, that make the database imperative. The Ethereum Blockchain Technology in real estate industry will allow easy and secured access to the database. 

Upgrading the out-dated (MLS) Multiple Listing Service database into the blockchain-based system will enable the dealers to maintain a more transparent ledger system. It will enable the buyers and sellers to see the entire transaction history for all the listed properties. Other than just the traditional real-estate industry, the Ethereum Blockchain technology is being implemented in the property-sharing sector. Here we are discussing some high-tech companies that are implementing Blockchain technology to boost up their real estate business.

  • PropertyClub

There are so many real estate companies that have transformed their business operations with blockchain to earn more profit. A famous real estate platform named PropertyClub (PCC) is using blockchains in their business operation, and it’s helping people to refine the market search meant for buying and selling of properties. The Company is using real estate blockchain smart contracts that help in conducting the digital real estate trisection using different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or PCC coins.  

  • ManageGo  

It’s is all in one platform for real estate that streamlines property management ways simply by integrating blockchain based online rental payments, scheduling, other rental applications, property maintenance requests, and much more in just one platform.

ManageGo real estate Company is influencing blockchain technology, especially for rental property owners. Its helping property owners and managers to process payments, credit history checks and manage ticket maintenance by using the ledger backed software. Moreover, the DLT is helping the owners of the real estate company to get transparent payment records and authentic backgrounds checks of renter without creating any hustle.   

  • RealBlocks

RealBlocks is a Blockchain-based platform, meant to connect investors and advisors with investment managers. By implementing Blockchain technology, RealBlocks have made it easy for investors to raise the capital globally that was previously limited to local investments only. RealBlocks firm is growing their client list and being considered as the world’s most respected platform for investment managers with blockchain integration to increase their AUM.

Yes, we can say that RealBlocks is a real estate company that’s using Blockchain technology to transform the traditional ways of property dealing, and it’s also creating new opportunities for real estate investing. This platform allows real estate investors to buy fractional interest instead of all-inclusive portfolios or properties. Blockchain technology is used in the property digitalization, helping investors in the reducing the fees, overall project cost and speed of the processes by providing liquidity options. 

  • Landshare

Landshare real estate firms brings gradual change in the real estate investment. It features an asset based utility token, governance protocol, stable coin vaults and house flipping pools. The best part of this company is that it offers a complete DeFi platform based on real estate assets located in the USA.

Users can gain all the real estate investments benefits without any commitments or risks involved during transactions. Now users can stake their stable coins in the property vault of Landshare and start earning yields based on the appreciation of assets and its rental value, or else they can earn lump sum payout by investing in their house flipping pools. 

  • Meridio

Another real estate company that’s transforming their property dealing operations is Meridio. This Company implemented the blockchain technology in its platform, allowing commercial property owners to buy and sell digital shares. Here, individuals and corporate investors get connected with property owners, who want to liquidate specific portions of their ownership. In this way, the Meridio Company is allowing people to liquidate their real estate properties in the most secured way.


Although blockchain technology is being implemented in so many high-tech real estate companies, but still, it needs more exposure in the world. There are many more benefits that can be achieved with the blockchain technology, that still needs to be discovered. Presently, people are only aware of few aspects of blockchain that high-tech companies are implementing in their operations to improve security and to resolve real estate liquidity issues.

Yes, we can say that real estate industry is crooked and filled with illegitimate activities. However, this sector remains an all-time high regarding expensive buildings and properties. So, this sector can’t bloom effectively and eliminate corruption for good without proper guidelines.               

The real estate sector and real estate Blockchain projects GitHub requires an upgrade by implementing the Ethereum Blockchain technology. Currently, there are lots of Real Estate Companies that are implementing the Blockchain technology in their daily operations and securing their transactions and increasing the liquidity of this expensive sector. Keep in mind, there are still numerous things that needs to be discovered in this technology that will help people to trade the properties anytime from anywhere around the world. The entire world is changing. If you belong to real estate sector, then never fall behind the race and start implementing the blockchain technology and earn huge profits.  

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