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The ecosystem of Saint Vincent Capital LTD. is leveraging the PT-BSC (Primechain Technologies – Blockchain Security Controls) that personifies a blockchain as a shared system designed to timestamp the records by hashing them into a systematic chain of hash-based verification of work, meant to enclose a record that is unchangeable without re-trying the confirmation of work.


SVC is a permissionless, proof-of-stake blockchain built on the most proven technologies i-e Ethereum, Bitcoin, QTUM and BlackCoin’s PoV v3. Basically, it’s implementing economic features while exploiting the proven technology for data transmission. Furthermore, it has other unique economic features, with a fixed inflation rate to stimulate the staker and other market participants to join and contribute to its decentralized architecture. It runs in the accounting model of UTXO, while supporting the additional layer of EVM. 


In this digital world, the erosion of privacy and the unselective commodification of data indicate that it’s time to reverse the centralization and move towards decentralized permissionless, cross-chain infrastructure by joining the identity revolution.   

Now it’s time to shift for more open, secured and borderless self-sovereign identity authentication. NTLedger is allowing people to get full control over their data safety along with their private and professional connections.

NTLedger is embedded on SSI Framework, dPoS Blockchain with the SVC (REC) digital token. We are offering a second-generation blockchain with transactions based on timelock, smart bridges based on atomic. Here you are allowed to create a public or private side chain, as we offer multi signatures, voting transactions, etc. Moreover, we implement Layer-2 blockchain-agnostic protocol that allow complete Framework for Digital Identifiers (DID) and Self-Sovereign-Identity. 


There are so many benefits that you can avail with NTLedger, to improve your data privacy and transactions. Here are some of them which you can avail with NTLedger;

• Improves the data transparency
• Enable you to get complete control over data safety
• Gives you accessibility to private and professional connections.

NTLedger built a self-sovereign identity framework that is based on W3C standards, providing you complete SSI solutions, decentralized IDs (DIDs), private keys, store schemas, personal rights, and proof timestamps on a ledger required for public verification and help you to keep verifiable claim (VCs) off-ledger. 

NTLedger offers a unified framework for blockchain protocols and other digital assets, helping you to save time and cost simply by reducing the complexity of blockchain. We will help you to rapidly generate wallets, invoke smart contract methods, produce addresses, create private keys, and perform transactions for any type of token supported on blockchain. You will get an opportunity to enjoy key blockchain data that includes account balances, block information, token details, transaction data and NFT metadata.


NTLedger supports the real time on-chain database, where users can sync and enjoy smart contracts straight into the Database. All the on-chain transactions will be reflected instantly in the database. You can see the current data updates in real time on a chain database, just like magic. 

Through NTLedger real time on a chain database, every block will be decoded in real-time into a data set that is universal. Then it will use statistical and behavioral modeling for tracking of chain activity. The collated blockchain data will be used to power data visualizations publicly. 

The NTLedger is a transparency initiative to provide a public view of networks’ on-chain actions. You can check out real-time transaction visualizations, it will empower SVC ecosystem participants to understand better the geographic activities, asset-flows and actions of stakeholders.


What is NTLedger?

NTLedger is created to resolve the societal imbalances due to decentralization in all the four pillars of the society that are law, finance, food, and property. Digital identity is an infrastructure required to do things on the internet. For this, numerous solutions have been introduced in the market, but still, this problem is not resolved.  

So, by being a member of this community, you can enjoy this immense benefit of creating your own digital identity. NTLedger was actually founded to oppose any type of authoritarian centralism and also its enforced powers.

We believe that it’s crucial to bring decentralization to all the major pillars of the society, i-e law, finance, food, and property, as we can’t ignore the existing system simply by fighting with it. We can only create a better system simply by teaching people to use the right tools and by empowering them with the latest technology. NTLedger is here to help you gain maximum benefit for your digital life. 



Centralization has been the norm of the world for too long. And, it has recruited data theft, privacy infringement, and other digital and non-digital nefarious elements along with it. People have become scared of putting their trust in something that was developed to help them.

NTLedgers utility REC Digital Token will create more advanced authorization and protection of personal information. It’s time we realize that the once-trusted third party is not so trustworthy anymore. Therefore, NTLedger newly developed decentralized protocols, tools, will ensure secure identity verification of self-sovereign identity.

Our Vision:

At NTLedger, our vision is to build a trusted, decentralized, global internet where anyone can connect to any Blockchain, while ensuring that everyone has control over their data at all times, whether it is a human, machine, or any entity. We are helping connect the world, returning security to the data owner, and bringing global communities closer together safely and securely.



NTLedger will help you to get notary services for all types of transactions you make. All your documents will be properly encrypted and computed with a separate cryptographic hash. This cryptographic information will then be stored on Blockchain and the link will be released to the user. The best part about this link is that it’s viable for life.

  • FDG 

The “Freie Deutsche Gesellschaft” Foundation is the first one to create a virtual community to issue personalized documents and govern them based on DID technology. Users will get a chance to experience decentralized, effective communication and substantial protection against all types of hackers and censorship.


NTLedger will help you to make payment into your crypto wallet, receive money, save money, and perform different types of digital transactions thanks to Vendible. It’s basically backed by Algorand Foundation and a few US Banks, and they are also going to utilize NTLedger DID on their platform.

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